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Bid to smuggle 1.6 kg gold foiled at Sharjah airport

Sharjah Police have managed to foil a smuggling attempt of 1.6 kilograms of gold valued at about AED 312,000. The security officers were able to detect the plan and arrest the defendants (4 people) at the baggage checkpoint in Sharjah International Airport while they were trying to pass 42 perfume bottles in a box.

In detail, The smugglers ( two Asian men) used “42” perfume bottles, after emptying them completely from the perfumes, refilling it with gold powder mixed with other chemicals to deceive the inspection teams, but the inspection teams managed to detect the smuggling scheme, thanks to their highly-developed security sense.

Criminal Investigation Department at Sharjah Police had formed a specialized team who found that a third and fourth party involved in the crime and arrested them. During investigations, they admitted that they had bought the gold powder and given it to the first and the second accused to smuggle it outside the country in exchange for money, in case the scheme was completed.

Brigadier General Yunus Al Hajri, Director of the Ports and Airports Department of Sharjah Police praised the role of security officers at the Sharjah Airport Police and their highly-developed security sense that contributed to foiling the gold smuggling scheme.

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