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UAE enhances regional stature in addressing exceptional conditions caused by COVID-19 pandemic

The UAE has enhanced its regional stature as one of the key global players in promoting international cooperation and solidarity, under the framework of addressing the exceptional conditions caused by the coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic.

Abu Dhabi has become a key centre of the global efforts aimed at finding an efficient vaccine, which will end the most significant challenge witnessed by mankind in the 21st century.

The UAE has also established partnerships with leading vaccines developers in China and Russia, and Abu Dhabi is currently hosting the final phases of the clinical trials of two key vaccines that were announced earlier, the Chinese vaccine, “Sinopharm CNPG,” and the Russian “Sputnik V vaccine” amidst high global expectations.

Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, stated that the clinical trials of the Russian vaccine in the UAE reflect the confidence in its capacities and expertise, which will serve the efforts aimed at finding an effective treatment for the virus.

In his statement to the press, Dmitriev said that the UAE has proven that it is one of the leading countries in combatting the virus, and he is pleased to begin clinical trials in Abu Dhabi, noting that the volunteer registration process will take place soon, in coordination with relevant authorities in the country.

The UAE is an ideal environment for performing clinical trials in the region, as it has an advanced healthcare system served by a wide range of government hospitals and medical centres, as well as numerous private hospitals and health centres.

The private sector has helped support the UAE’s efforts to address the pandemic. Group 42, G42, an artificial intelligence and cloud computing company based in Abu Dhabi, is one of the leading companies developing medical solutions for addressing the pandemic.

The considerable volunteer turnout for Phase III of the Chinese vaccine clinical trials has contributed to improving the UAE’s expertise in this area. The initial stage of Phase III achieved an important success, through recruiting over 31,000 volunteers from over 120 nationalities over six weeks.

The UAE has adopted the vision of its leadership through a series of initiatives and humanitarian campaigns, which include supporting the efforts aimed at combatting the pandemic in many countries suffering from shortages in medical supplies.

The country also evacuated people who were trapped in coronavirus outbreak epicentres and issued several local resolutions aimed at maintaining market stability and protecting investors’ interests.

In July 2020, the UAE began the first international clinical Phase III trials of the vaccine produced by Sinopharm CNPG and has approved the emergency use of the vaccine for categories of people with the most exposure to risks.

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