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1880 traffic accidents in Dubai during the rainfall period

Dubai Police reveals that 1880 traffic accidents occurred during the rainfall period, 55 of them were severe accidents and 1,825 minor accidents.

Dubai Police Command and Control Unit received 51,749 calls on (999) from 12:00 noon last Thursday to 3:30 PM today, while the call center (901) received 5562 calls.

Brigadier Saif Muheir Al Mazrouei, Director of the General Traffic Department, urges drivers to take care and caution while driving in rainy weather, adhere to traffic safety guidelines, check weather forecasts before starting to drive, and not leave home except in emergency cases to avoid accidents due to heavy rain and blowing wind which cause low visibility.

Colonel Ahmed Atiq Bourguiba, Director of Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management at Dubai Police, said that the Crisis and Disaster Management Team in the Emirate of Dubai has managed the event professionally and meticulously during the rains.

He added that the patrols have closed a number of lanes on some of the roads, diverted traffic to alternative routs, provided tanks for rainwater suction, in addition to dealing with vehicles that have been subject to traffic accidents.

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